CEO Letter CEO Letter
2018-02-11 17:01:05

Miyahuna.. website with a new look.

We are pleased at Jordan Water Company "Miyahuna". to commuincate with you through our new website, continuing our serviced achievements along with the technology to accomplish a number of strategic objectives, all of which revolve around upgrading the services provided to the participants and increasing the efficiency of operations. And reduce the loss.

We do not deny that the road was full of enormous challenges and obstacles, especially that our water resources are scarce and limited. We have shown the administration to break the challenges and turn them into opportunities for success. This is what motivated the workers and sent positive messages to reassure the participants about the stability of their water situation. One of the poorest countries in the world.

I can't hide that the pride fills me and I see "Miyahuna" jumps from one station to another, and from one province to another, which consist on acheiving goals amid the winds that continue to storm us day and night, but our faith in our role provides us with the fuel of challenge and the spirit of giving, Until we finished our first 10 years and entered the second without tireless or boredom.

In fact, we can't ignore the technology tools role in improving the level of services and facilitating access to them in strengthening the foundations and pillars of "positive engagement" with the public and with state institutions, together with our strategic partners.

The multiplication of success opportunities is not just a desire. It requires creativity and innovation, and we may be able to instill these positive spirits in all of our administrations and a large part of our workers, while we hope to spread that culture throughout the water sector.