Quality Complaints Quality Complaints
2018-02-15 17:25:38

Miyahuna Company is very cautious in providing drinking water quality in accordance with Jordan specifications. If the consumer wishes to check the quality of the water when there is any problem or doubt, Jordan Water Company / Miyahuna provides a service to receive complaints regarding the quality of drinking water through communication with the unified complaints system. Telephone 117116, and report the situation, to the department concerned to respond to this complaint by sending a team to the site and the examination of water samples either through the field machinery or send samples to the laboratory, and a record time does not exceed 45 minutes.

In 2018, the total number of water quality complaints handled by the Directorate of Quality and Quality Control was 178 complaints in Amman & 5 complaints in Madaba, after the field inspection, most of which are not true, it was found that there was no problem of quality, followed by complaints of turbidity. With the relevant authorities. The period of time required to verify pollution or the existence of a real problem of less than 45 minutes was maintained, reaching only 36.60 minutes in Amman , reaching only 36.67 minutes in Madaba.

The following graph shows the percentage of complaints by source and reason:

     Types of drinking water quality complaints for the year 2018, Amman        

    Types of drinking water quality complaints for the year 2018, Madaba