Who We Are ? Who We Are ?
2018-02-11 16:20:13

Miyahna LLC Water company considered the responsible party for the provision of water and sanitation services to the Capital Governorate. where Miyahuna contracted with the Water Authority with a management contract to operate the water and sewage systems in 1999. In 2007 Miyahuna signed a delegation and development agreement with the Water Authority (99) years, in addition to the operation and maintenance of water systems, operation and maintenance of sewage collection networks, and the operation of several small sewage treatment plants.


During 2013, an agreement was signed with the Water Authority for the management and operation of water and sanitation for the province of Madaba. At the beginning of 2015, another agreement was signed for the management and operation of water and sewage in Zarqa Governorate.


With the beginning of 2018 and as a result of achieving the performance indicators targeted and the most important to raise the level of services provided and increase the quantities of water supply and reduce losses, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and after the approval of the Council of Ministers decided to include the contract of water management Madaba to become part of the company.


The served area is (13,556) square kilometers in the three governorates. The company has a range of drinking water treatment plants, the most important of which are the Zay station, the Zara station, Maayan and a number of pumping stations and wells added to Disi water. The water service participants are provided with water through these sources.


The company takes into account the achievement of the highest quality of services provided and quick response to complaints in addition to reducing water losses, The central laboratories implement a system of intensive control and control programs on water quality at all stages from water sources to distribution network to ensure that they comply with Jordanian standards and standards and international accreditation from UKAS.