Counters Counters
2018-05-09 14:30:33

Meter operator

A meter operator is equipped in the company's building in Dabouq where the meter is checked using automatic checking equipment. The maintenance of the broken mechanical counters is also re-examined and then re-examined for re-installation.

The counters of the major consumers of Madaba Governorate and of the Zarqa water management contract are inspected at the meter operator.

Meter Replacement Projects

In 2016, a total of 113,000 mechanical meters were replaced with the Tarasonic meters supplied through the French loan. These meters are characterized by mechanical meters with the ability to measure the low flow and measurement of consumption regardless of the angle of installation. These counters are subject to a performance control system and will supply 76,000 meters under the USAID-funded FARA tender to be installed in the project areas.

In 2019, a total of 66,000 mechanical meters were replaced with the ultrasonic meters supplied through the FARA 3 project under the USAID-funded.

A total of 10,000 mechanical meters were replaced with the ultrasonic meters in the province of Zarqa

Read the counters

All the metering antennas that are remotely installed by radio waves are read so that the meter reading is withdrawn with all the information stored in the meter to include alerts and flows. This information is used to monitor the meters and detect any faults.

In addition, a new technology has been introduced in the area of ​​Yadodeh DZ 33E as a study area so that the meters are read using the Drive by technology so that the meter readings are collected through a car roaming the area reading the entire area meters using radio waves within two hours, To be sent on a daily basis via GPRS and compared to reading the main meter of subscriber consumption to conduct monthly loss studies. Pressure measuring devices were installed in the area and at the main meter to monitor the pressure in the area and to be later controlled these pressures automatically.