Monitoring Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Drinking Water Quality
2018-02-15 17:11:36

Monitoring the quality of drinking water from the source to the citizen water counter is one of the priorities of the Directorate of Water Quality Directorate, and the inclusion of its specifications within the Jordanian specifications and standards.

Analytical methods are being developed in the Department of    Water Quality Directorate  through the provision of analytical sections with modern technical equipment for the development of analytical capabilities aimed at upgrading the laboratories to achieve a distinguished position in the Kingdom.

The number of samples during 2021 collected by the Water Quality Directorate was 13309 samples, which were subjected to 56416 examinations For Amman & 1749 samples which were subjected to 5660examinations For Madaba , & 3407 samples which were subjected to 15849 examinations For Zarqa

& 379 samples which were subjected to 1610  examinations For Mahis & Fuhais

, 480 samples which were subjected to 2451 examinations For Balqa

 where the requirements of the Jordanian specifications are met and the requirements of the national and international accreditation committees.


Ratio of bacterial drinking water samples during (2007-2018)