Lost Water Lost Water
2018-05-09 14:53:06

One of the most important goals that Miyahuna seeks to achieve is to reduce the percentage of water losses as the teams and cadres of the company to maintain water quantities and reduce losses of all kinds of physical and administrative.
The quantities of water produced and pumped into water networks are considered to be within certain specifications, and the price of water is not lost. It can be calculated by means of the so-called water balance. Water losses are the produced water.
The water is lost in all networks and in different percentages depending on the characteristics of the water network, the operational procedures of the water network, the level of the technologies used, and the administrative and technical expertise.

 The most important activities aimed at reducing water loss are:

Capital Governorate:


  • Visible fractures and repair work where modern technology is used for these purposes.
  • Detection of illegal uses.
  • Conduct studies to determine the causes of water loss.
  • The meters are calibrated and periodically monitored.

There are also many projects funded by third parties aimed at reducing water losses.

Madaba Governorate:


  • Re-seal (2484) counter and stabilize its reality so it is not tampered with.
  • Replace (2214) counter and install its reality status.
  • Replacing some of the major consumer counters with electronic ones.
  • Inspecting and searching for illegal uses of water.
  • Work on measuring the quantities of water supplied to each area of ​​distribution and calculating losses for each area (Madaba, Thiban, Lib, Melih and Jabal Bani Hamida) and the total loss of the province to address the causes of loss.

Zarqa Governorate:

  1. work on the location of fractions invisible to the water network, where coordination with crews and maintenance teams to address these fractures and as soon as possible
  2. Identification and detection of illegal use sites where the cases discovered in 2017 reached about 2100 cases of illegal use
  3. make the necessary adjustments for the counters first Powell to find out the technical situation