Sewage Service Sewage Service
2018-05-09 14:47:02

Sewage Service in the Capital Governorate

The Sewage service covers 80% of the total water subscribers in the capital. The sewage network reached 3,243 km by the end of 2017.

The average amount of wastewater collected is about 80 million cubic meters per year. 95% of the wastewater treatment plant is located in Zarqa Governorate, which is managed by the BOT Water Authority. The remaining 5% % Is processed in the stations of the company Miyahuna:

  • Wadi El Seer purification plant Maximum capacity 4000 m3 / day Starting in 2017, the project began to expand the plant and turn it into a mechanical treatment plant.
  • Abu Nasir Station is a mechanical plant operating under the active sludge system (it will be converted to a lift station in the coming years and the water entering it will be transferred to Al Khirbet Al Samra station)
  • Giza Station is a mechanical plant with a design card 4000 m3 / day and operates with active sludge system.
  • South Amman purification plant station which has been commissioned by the staff of Miyahuna Company for the end of 2017 with an active sludge system and a design card of 52 thousand m3 / day.
  • Ein Ghazal Tanker dump receives sewage tanks from the central governorates of the Kingdom, where it receives about 10,000 m3 / day.

Sewage Service in Madaba Governorate

The length of the sewage network covering Madaba Governorate is 155 km long by the end of 2017. The Governorate has a sewage treatment plant with a design capacity of 7600 m 3 / day. The irrigated agricultural area is about 1500 dunums.

Sewage service in Zarqa Governorate

The length of the sewage network covering Zarqa Governorate is 1,400 km long by the end of 2017. Sewage is collected through the sewage network, where it is treated at Al Kharabah Samra Station.

The Zarqa water management contract does not include the management of any sewage treatment plant where the two stations of West and East Zarqa are maintained and operated by specialized companies under the supervision of the Water Authority.

The treated wastewater discharged from the sewage treatment plants is in accordance with Jordanian Standard No. 893/2006 and is re-used for restricted agricultural purposes.

Pre-emptive and preventive maintenance of sewage networks is carried out to ensure its readiness and sustainability through the following technologies:

  • CCTV system for television imaging of sewage networks.
  • Jetting System
  • Bucket machine

The number of machines used in the maintenance of sewerage networks is 6/1000 km, which is close to the global figure in the maintenance of sewerage networks.