Water and sewage management contract in Zarqa Governorate Water and sewage management contract in Zarqa Governorate
2018-05-09 14:23:20

Jordan Water Company - Miyahuna assumed the responsibility of managing the water and sewage services in Zarqa Governorate as of 1/1/2015 under the management and operation contract signed between the Water Authority and Jordan Water Company Miyahuna with the aim of raising the level of services provided to citizens in Zarqa Governorate. In terms of population, the governorate includes three brigades (Al-Zarqa Brigade, Al-Rusaifa Brigade, Hashimiyah Brigade) with a total area of ​​4574 km 2.

Several achievements have been made during the first three years of the agreement:

  • Raising the level of services provided to citizens and meet their needs.
  • Raising the efficiency and productivity of the human cadre working in the contract by subjecting them to training and incentive programs in addition to transferring the experience and knowledge of the works from Miyahuna / Amman to the contract.
  • Improving the efficiency of water supply and quick handling of complaints.
  • Increase the percentage of billing and regular delivery of invoices to subscribers.
  • Increasing the number of collection offices and services from (2) offices before 2015 to (7) offices by the end of 2017, which helped citizens to easy access to the sites of the company to complete their transactions.
  • Intensify efforts to detect cases of illegal use of water, which amounted to in 2017 (9) times more than before the decade, which contributed to reducing waste and increase the efficiency of supply.
  • Replacing the old counters for the subscribers. Over 55,000 counters were replaced by 35% of the subscribers. In addition, the counters of the major consumers and water sources of large countries were replaced, thus contributing to the inventory of quantities consumed in a modern and accurate manner.
  • Automation of a large proportion of transactions and programs approved by the company, which led to easy reception of transactions and the speed of delivery of subscribers.
  • Linking the complaints office with the main complaint center in Amman and activating the role of the field teams in a better manner, which led to a decrease in the response time for complaints and the application of a specific water distribution program.
  • Developing and updating financial systems.
  • Urging subscribers to connect to the sewerage network, where the rate of connection to the sewerage network reached 78.38% in 2017.
  • Reduction of the loss from 63% before the contract to 55.6% in 2017 by increasing the cases of illegal uses discovered and increase the rate of billing and the speed of handling complaints of fractures and waste water.
  • Provide modern and electronic means of payment for payment of bills to facilitate the subscribers and thus increase collection amounts.