Why Joining Us ? Why Joining Us ?
2018-02-18 15:40:55

Laws and Regulations of the Company:

  1. Jordanian Labor Law
  2. Social Security Law
  3. Private health insurance
  4. Income tax
  5. Provident Fund
  6. Social Fund
  7. Rules of Procedure of the Company
  8. End of service bonus

Advantages and benefits:

The company offers many advantages and benefits to its employees to strengthen the sense of belonging and work in the spirit of one team that the employee partner in the achievements of the company and is the real capital of them.
1. Additional salaries:
The thirteenth salary is paid at the end of June and the salary of the fourteen is paid at the end of December of each year.
2. Annual increase:
The rate of increase shall be determined based on the performance evaluation and the internal rules of the company.
3. Private health insurance:
The free health insurance benefits the beneficiaries as part of the Tamanian benefits described in the contracts concluded with the insurance companies.
4. Life insurance:
All employees are subject to the life insurance umbrella.
5. Saving Fund:
(6%) is deducted from the salaries of the employees optionally, and the company contributes the same percentage within the various investment portfolios.
6. Advances:
In light of the facilitation of employees in times of distress, the internal policy provided for giving advances to employees under certain conditions.
7. Al-Muta'im:
The company provides the necessary vaccinations for employees working at the Directorate of Sanitation free of charge.
8. Learning and development:
The company provides the opportunity for its employees to enroll in training programs according to the needs of the job provided by prestigious companies, in addition to attending conferences and seminars inside and outside Jordan, in addition to activating the internal training system.
9. Flexibility:
In order to provide maximum comfort to all employees according to their situation, more than the timing of the beginning and end of the period was adopted.
10. Cellular Phones:
The company provides cell phones to employees who require their work at the expense of the company, either employees who do not require their work, the company allows them and their families to share the same features.
11. Work environment:
The company works to provide a healthy and safe environment where our water staff enjoy a comfortable and quiet work environment where basic equipment is available in offices, hospitality services, public safety equipment and so on.
12. Bonuses:
The allowances granted by the company vary, as there are allowances for all employees, such as the cost of living allowance, and allowances related to the nature of work, such as mobile phone allowance, allowance allowance, etc.
13. Social Fund:
As part of the company's social participation with its employees, the Social Fund has been established. The company seeks to provide the best benefits which contribute to improving the living and social conditions of the employees.
14. End of service indemnity:
In appreciation of the efforts and services of the employees of Miyahuna, and to increase the motivation, affiliation and production to serve customers within the scope of the responsibility of Miyahuna and the policy of end of service reward was approved as of 01/10/2017