NRW Project NRW Project
2018-03-07 16:23:25

Project goals:

The Water Loss Project is a project implemented by Miyahuna with the support of the United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID) between 2015 and 2019. It aims to improve the water services provided by Miyahuna to the citizens of the capital by improving the water networks and implementing better management programs for maintenance and operations, which leads to Water loss reduce in the capital, therefore a better water supply for citizens.

What is water loss?

Water losses are water that is pumped into water networks but can not be held accountable for various reasons, either because they do not reach the citizens because of leakage from the broken water networks and thus lost in the streets without benefit, or inefficient water meters or unfortunately because of water theft that takes place By a few non-responsible citizens.
The water loss rate in the capital is about 37%, a high percentage that is not suitable for a country characterized by water scarcity such as Jordan. The water loss project aims at reducing the percentage by improving water networks and thus providing better quantities of water for citizens.

Where will the project be implemented?

Ten areas were identified for the implementation of the project:

  1. Abu Alanda
  2. Qweismeh
  3. Al-yadoudeh
  4. Western Marj Al-Hamam
  5. Upper Wadi Al Seer
  6. Tarek
  7. Marka
  8. Sahab
  9. Um Uthaina
  10. Al-Yasamine

How these areas were chosen?

The areas were selected based on a specific basis and study on all areas of the capital, which amounted to (45) service areas. Therefore, the areas most needed to reduce losses were selected through number of complaints, number of fractions, population and network lengths.

How did the project work?


  • The water network in these areas has been redesigned.
  • Rehabilitation of the water network through the extension of some new lines in some of these areas.
  • Replace old counters with smart ones.
  • Monitoring water pressure in the network.
  • Correcting subscriber data and geographical location through Comprehensive Subscribers Survey Project.

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