Awareness Tips Awareness Tips
2018-03-08 12:46:12
Connecting the rainwater drainage line to the sewage network will cause flood during winter.
Rainwater drainage with sanitary fittings harms residents of the lower floors.
Rainfall gutter ... Do not cling to the sewer line in the house!

Rainwater drainage with a sewage network is a legal violation... Do not expose yourself to liability!

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Water scarcity gardens are very beautiful gardens that rely on the cultivation of local plants with few water needs suitable for growth in dry areas.
Water scarcity gardens rely on the use of a highly efficient system for irrigation, drip irrigation, as well as the use of water harvesting methods, ie collecting rainwater and directing it to irrigate plants. The roofs of houses or tilted terraces can be used to collect water in a reservoir for this purpose.

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Rainwater harvesting: Water is collected in wells, stored and consumed in the summer.

Disabling or not installing the buoy in your tank is a major reason to raise the value of your bill.

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It is necessary to cancel the water subscription or transfer it in the name of the new owner in the event of changing the place of residence or sale of residential property, as not to transfer ownership of the meter you are to bear the value of water consumed by the occupant of the new property.
Install water saving parts on faucets and showers at home. These pieces provide at least 35% of the amount of water consumed, which reduces the value of the water bill.
Care for the maintenance of the network of internal extensions, including the water tank and the buoy, to ensure that there is no leakage of water, as there is a leak of water wastes at least (10) liters per minute.
When buying a new washing machine, you should choose one of the most modern types of energy and water, which began to spread in the markets, and not to operate only when filled with clothes.
It is essential to introduce migrant domestic workers to water saving methods.
Be sure to wash vegetables and fruits in a pot and then reuse the water to irrigate crops.
The car wash using the hose consumes approximately 300-500 liters of water while only 20-30 liters are consumed when using the bucket.
Just cover the sidewalks and the outside corridors around the house and do not rinse with the hose because it consumes at least 500 liters at a time.
The shower consumes 10 liters of water per minute so it is necessary to reduce the duration of bathing to 5 minutes.